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Toddler Activities Salt Dough for All Occasions

Our toddler activities are designed to promote learning through play. Included below are some of our Salt Dough activities from Teaching Tiny Tots.

Salt Dough Recipe

thumbnail salt dough recipe Salt Dough Recipe Here is our basic Salt Dough Recipe. This is what is used for all of our salt dough activities. Go to each project to see variations such as color, technique and materials used.

Every Day Salt Dough

thumbnail everyday salt dough Every Day Salt Dough
Salt dough is a great activity for any day! See here for ideas.


thumbnail valentines salt dough Valentines Hearts
Pretty salt dough hearts for valentines. Perfect as a decoration or gift.


thumbnail easter decorations with cookie mold Easter Salt Dough Using Cookie Molds
This variation uses a cookie mold to create these wonderful impressions.

thumbnail easter decorations using cookie cutters Easter Salt Dough Rabbits Using Cookie Cutters
To create this bunny we used cookie cutters.

thumbnail easter decorations using stamps Easter Salt Dough Using Stamps
This variation uses cookie stamps.

salt dough using copper molds Easter Decorations Using Cookie Cutters and a Copper Mold
Use cookie cutters and Copper Molds to create this variation.


thumbnail thanksgiving turkey decoration Thanksgiving Decorations: Turkeys
Cute as a place setting Thanksgiving Decoration!


thumbnail salt dough cottage Christmas Decorations: Cottages
Christmas Cottages make perfect Christmas ornaments or a wonderful Christmas gift to someone special.

thumbnail gingerbread ornament Christmas Decorations
Make Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree or give as a gift!

thumbnail salt dough stars Christmas Star Decorations
Make Christmas Stars to decorate trees, windows or presents.

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