Watercolor Note Cards


Here is an easy way to introduce water colors by using water colors that come in a tube. It's very easy for children using watercolor sets for the first time to end up getting colors all mixed together making a pool of brownish black. Learning how to rinse a brush after each color is the key to painting with the Crayola and Rose Art sets used for school.
Watercolor to Make Cards


  • White cardstock or water color paper
  • Cut to size desired. 5 x 7 inches is a good size for a card.
  • Brushes
  • Water Colors
  • Palette available at any store with craft section for about $1

Other materials

  • Plastic container for water
  • Newspaper
  • Paper Towels
Tubes of watercolors
  • Choose a few colors and squeeze a pea sized drop in one of the sections on the palette.
  • Cover area with newspaper.
  • Fill bowl with water. Show your child how to wet brush, select a color and rinse before using another color.
  • Dry flat to avoid drips.
  • Use as a card, frame or mount on a construction paper to display.
Painting with watercolors.

Tips and Suggestions

For a beginner use two or three colors first. If too much water gets on paper, dab with paper towel (don't wipe)

Other Ideas

Primary Colors

Use two primary colors and let your child experiment with what happens when the two colors blend together.