Toddler Books

How Can Toddler Books Enhance Development? Books offer many ways to help stimulate sensory motor development in young children. The first stage of child development is often referred to as the Sensory Motor Stage, typically 0-2 years of age where a child learns about himself and his/her environment through motor and reflex actions.
Books can help develop different sensory motor skills such as touch, hearing, sight and even smell. For infants and toddlers, there are soft books with moving parts, books with sounds and colors, and board books with textures to feel. For older toddlers, there are flap books, pop up books and even scratch and sniff books.

Books for Infants and Young Children

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Here are some Reading Strategies for children just starting to read. I used this in reading groups so children would have some strategies to decode words. I also gave this to parents to help give them some tips when they read with their child.