Ocean Animal Book for Kids


Learning about Ocean Animals is fun for children and a great way to increase their knowledge is by reading books and doing activities. Here is a book craft that was given permission by my daughter's Kindergarten teacher to share. What a great way to learn about sea creatures and compound words. A great way to share a book is to do a project after reading it. Talk about the sea creatures and their favorite part of the book. Great preschool, homeschool or Kindergarten project. Recommended Age 4+

Make a kids ocean book.


  • Cardstock or Construction Paper. Main book is 9in x 6 in. and the pages are 8in x 6in each. These will be cut in half after the pictures are drawn to create the "flip book".
  • Velobind is best to use so pages flip.
  • Pencil, Crayons and markers
  • To assist children in the drawing process you might xerox a few pictures to have readily available to pass around for children to look at while they draw. You could make a set like flashcards and use them in a center after or for identifying sea creatures.


  • Read a couple books to introduce the ocean and it's creatures. Talk about each and
  • Write on the board the names of the creatures you will use in the book and discuss compound words.
  • Put two dots on each paper to show how big each animal should be drawn.
  • Find the picture in the book and discuss how they can draw
  • Use a pencil to draw the pictures.
  • Color with crayons.
  • Write in pen the name of the creature. (Teacher or adult may have to do this)
  • Bind the book and then cut the paper in half to make the flaps.
  • Use of velobinder or staple and cover with colored tape
Make a flip ocean book for kids.
Make a flip ocean book for kids.

Tips and Suggestions

  • A sea is part of an ocean that is partially surrounded by land. If it is totally surrounded, then it's called an inland sea. An ocean is a body of salt water with no boundaries and limitless volume.
  • If you look closely at the pictures there is are two dots on the page. This is to tell the child to make sure their picture is at least that big so it can be cut in half.
  • Encourage the children to have fun and make "funny creatures" like the Hammercrab or the Jellyhead. They will want to share their books at home!