Ideas for Party Favors, Goody Bags and Game Prizes

Sharing some of our favorite Party Favors and Game Prizes for Children 18 months and Up. Children love to receive goody bags. They are happy with just about anything...the hardest part is to find items that are age appropriate. Be sure to always read the packaging on each item to determine what is safe for the age group you are having a party for.

Goody Bag Fillers


Bubbles are fun for all ages. You can print your own label with the child's name, a picture or the occasion it is celebrating and glue it around the bottle to make it personalized. If you are personalizing your bubbles, use one that has a smooth surface for the label to glue on easily. These were selected for a Dora and Diego themed party.

Play Dough

Mini Play Dough are fun for almost all ages. They are about 2 inches across and 1 inch high. A couple of each color help fill a bag nicely. If you made a round sticker you could stick these on the top of the lid or make a label to go around the tub to personalize this with your child's name or birthday theme.
Mini Play Doh make great party favors.

Hair Ties

Cute favors for spa parties.
Hair ties for party favors.

Mini Stuffed Animals

Mini tys and other small stuffed animals are always a big hit with children.
Mini Tys for party favors.

Animal Bath Sponges

We found these cute bath sponges at the Dollar Tree.
Animal bath sponges for party favors.

Pencil Pouches

These are cute and useful. Use the pencil pouch as a favor container. Fill with erasers, pencils, stickers and candy for party use.
Pencil pouches for party favors.

Small Games

These are small games we found at Target and Craft stores for $1. The item on the left is a matching game like Memory and on the right is a Tic Tac Toe game with cute wooden markers to play with. Parents really appreciate these because they can be used on trips and long car rides!

Notepads and Crayons

These pair together for a great gift. Dollar stores have some fun note pads.
Note pads and crayons are cute favors.

Board Books

This is a great idea for parties of multi age children. It is something that will last longer than your regular party favors. Look for sets on Scholastic or at Dollar Stores.

Pool Toys

Having a pool party? Bags of small pool toys make cute party favors.
Small pool toys are cute party favors.

Small Toys

Small toys are fun but watch for small pieces. Check the age recommendation on packages.
Kaleidoscopes are cute favors.


Stamps sold in bulk in a box make easy goody bag fillers. These were purchased from a Party Store. The rolling stamps are another idea that older toddlers might enjoy.
Mini stamps for party favors.

Stickers and Sticker Books

Cute mini sticker color books are another perfect goody bag item or select from the many foam sticker themes. Bag some in clear poly bags labelled with a cute sticker or a clear poly bag tied with a bow. These are great for long car rides, restaurant waits. Parents will love them too!
Foam stickers and mini sticker books make cute party favors.

Magic Towels

We found these cute towels that grow in water and make a fun themed party favor.
Magic Towels for party favors.

Fun Flashlights

Cute and useful flashlights for young children are perfect party favors.
Flashlights are useful and fun flashlights.

Bath Puppets

Bath puppets are fun for younger kids and useful as well.
Bath puppets for party favors.

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys have been popular for a while...and there are many types. You can also decorate these for a party activity with paint pens.

Favors for Older Kids

Small Toys

Magic grow capsules and Silly Putty make a fun goody bag gift. These Grow Capsules come in a variety of themes and are great for boys and girls. Silly Putty is also another classic toy for older children.
Magic capsules and silly putty are fun toys for goody bags.

Mini Jigsaw Puzzles

Small jigsaw puzzles are great goody bag fillers for older toddlers. You might even be able to find one that matches the theme of the party.
Hello Kittly Puzzle Party Favor

Small Crafts

These are boxes with a simple craft project like stringing foam beads, decorating a notepad. All items needed are in the box. We found these great for long car rides and airplane rides as well as favors.

Mini Water Fans

Cute and functional mini water fans to keep cool in the summer make a useful party favor.
Mini fans for party favors.

Playing Cards

We found card sets matching party themes at the large party stores and some craft stores. There were Disney Princess cards well as this Diego set for Crazy Eights and Go Fish.
Cards for party favors

Themed Buttons

Themed buttons are cute for party favors. We found these on Etsy for an Angry Bird Party.
Themed buttons for party favors

Activity Books

Activity books are another idea for party favors. Sometimes you can find themed ones to match your party.
Activity Books for party favors