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Toddler recipes are a great way to have fun with your child. Not only are you engaging in something that almost any child will enjoy, but you are introducing many Math concepts that will occur naturally. As a teacher, I often used cooking as a culminating activity for a Language Arts Unit. After completing the unit, I would have them make a book with the recipe we were making. They would sequence the steps and illustrate each page. They often enjoyed taking it home and making the recipe with their parents.

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Recipes Kids Will Love

These are some of our favorite recipes that we have made over the years. Some were made while I was teaching and done in the classroom while others were ones we found from friends or we looked up to celebrate a holiday or an occasion. The girls as they grew older would refer back to my site for the recipe to make on their own which I thought was great!
Dirt Cake for Kids Recipe

Family Favorites

We had some favorite dinners and I thought I'd share them.
Our favorite Pumpkin bread recipe.



Main Dishes

Lunch and Appetizers


Fun Recipes

These were recipes for the classroom.
Bird Seed Biscuit Recipe