Learning about Primary and Secondary Colors


This is a easy experiment for kids using just a few materials to learn about colors. Fun for kids 3+ with adult supervision. Great for homeschooling or as a classroom activity too.

Color Science Experiment


  • Ziplock Freezer Bags (quart size) recommended or other strong, clear freezer bag

  • Food Colors Red, Yellow and Blue

  • Light corn syrup

Other Materials

  • Damp Paper Towels or wipes


  • Fold back the top of the ziplock. This keeps the bag from getting sticky on the outside.
  • Pour about an inch high of light corn syrup on the bottom of the bag.
  • Drop a couple drops of one yellow on the left and blue on the right. We used two yellow drops and one blue drop.
  • Unroll zip lock and if young kids are doing this experiment, zip it shut to avoid leaks.
  • Squeeze the bag gently to mix the yellow and the blue drops together.
  • Repeat with red and yellow and red and blue.
Color Blending Experiment

Tips and Suggestions

  • Use freezer bags. They are easier to fold top down and keep open while pouring and the bag doesn't fold into the syrup and make a mess.
  • A little goes a long way. We used only two drops of yellow and one of the blue. Use less of the darker shade.

Other Ideas

  • Take pictures of the steps, print and glue onto card stock. Have children place the cards in sequential order it in sequential order.
  • Print out a color wheel and fill in using crayons and markers.
  • Take pictures and write a label for each and make into a book.

Scientific Processes Used

  • Seeing: Pictures in a book or online.
  • Hearing: and listening to directions given.
  • Feeling: Feeling the corn syrup through the bag

  • Oral" Explaining the experiment.
  • Pictorial: Borrow a book or look online and showing pictures before your nature walk to help identify different items found