Math at My House Counting Book


A Take Home Counting Book for your Classroom. Here is a fun book for children to take home and practice counting! Laminate all the pages so that its easy to wipe clean and send home a dry erase marker to write with.

A cute Counting book to send home for kids to count objects around the house.


  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Velobinder to make the flaps.
  • Laminating pages will make this book last the entire year.


  • Print your sentences and cut pages.
  • Laminate and bind with a velobinder.
  • Send home with a dry erase marker with book in a Ziplock or Class Book Bag

Questions for the Book

  • How many doors in your house?
  • How many windows in your house?
  • How many people live in your house?
  • How many pets in your house?
  • Tables, chairs, beds, pictures on the wall, lamps, rooms, lights, are some suggestions for pages.

Other Books Idea

You could make a simple book with other topics. Make a simple chart for children and when they have accumulated the information they can make their own book. This would not need to be laminated but just filled in and taken home to keep.
  • Visit to the Zoo: How many elephants, giraffes, tigers, etc?

Other Book Ideas

Rainbow Fish

Use our free printable and make your own with watercolors. Add some glitter to make his special sparkly scales.
Mix and Match Name Book

Great for the beginning of preschool or kindergarten to learn names! Cute book to send home with children