Toddler Books: Books and Activities

Here is a preview of our books with some fun activities to go with our Toddler Books.

Book Activities

Green Eggs and Ham

Draw your favorite scene or character from Green Eggs and Ham or see our ideas for making Green Eggs and Ham for a special breakfast.
green eggs and ham activity
Little Blue and Little Yellow

Free printable to make your own Little Yellow and Little Blue using water colors.
little yellow and little blue book activity
Rainbow Fish

Print out a fish and make your own Rainbow Fish with watercolors. Add some glitter to make his special scales.
rainbow fish watercolor activity
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Make your very own hungry caterpillar book and an eggcarton caterpillar.
the hungry caterpillar egg carton caterpillar
Kindergarten Here I Come

Great activity to promote sequencing and comprehension skills with picture books.
kindergarten here I come activity
Twas the Night Before Christmas

Make your own pictures to the popular story Twas the Night Before Christmas.
twas the night before christmas
All You Need For a Snowman

Great book activity and Five Little Snowman flannel board idea!
Busy Penguins Board Book or 365 Penguins

Read a book about penguins and make this neat penguin scene using plaster of paris and a yogurt cup for an igloo.
Tiny Snowflakes

Make popsicle snowflakes with rhinestones and buttons.
popsicle ornament