Word Problems with Stickers


Make a sticker addition math book created by children. Great hands on way to make Math fun for kids. This book can be done with any theme by changing the stickers you use and pictures drawn whether it's a holiday, plants, season, etc.


math addition book
  • Construction paper or cardstock

  • Stickers

  • Markers

  • Binding or Large Capacity Stapler or Hole Punch


  • Work one on one or small groups and have each child select the stickers they want to use.
  • Discuss the stickers and what "addition story" they would like to make about it.
  • Have each child write their word problem on a piece of paper and adult can type it out and print for the book
  • Give each child a sheet of construction paper or cardstock to work on and talk about what they are going to draw and where they will place the stickers.
  • It might be helpful to lay the stickers on the paper without peeling the backing to plan their pictures.
  • Draw pictures and add stickers
  • (Adult step) Bind book with binding machine, large capacity stapler or punch holes and tie.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Children must have a basic understanding of addition.
  • Stencils to draw may also help if children have difficulty drawing independently.
  • Work in pairs for children who need assistance.

Page Ideas

2 squirrels were playing in a tree. 3 squirrels were on the ground playing tag. So the squirrels in the tree decided to play tag, too. Then there were 5 squirrels playing tag together.
classroom addition math book

2 owls were up in the tree playing. 2 owls were on the ground eating grass. They decided to play together. That makes 4 owls altogether.
math addition book

3 little orange leaves were in the tree playing tag. 2 green leaves were playing on the ground. They decided to play tag with the orange leaves. Then there were 5 leaves in the tree.

2 pumpkins were playing. 5 pumpkins came to play, also. Now there are 7 pumpkins playing in the pumpkin patch.
Special thanks to a wonderful kindergarten teacher who made my daughter's year a very special one. This was the book she won at the end of the year and has given us special permission to share!