Counting Math Book


This simple money counting book is perfect for , kindergarten and lower elementary. You can make it as simple as needed or add a few other coins for older children. For preschool you could pre-cut your "coins".

Make a kids counting money book.


  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Pre-cut hands for younger children. Die cut would be the best way for a class or make a simple dish for the candies and a little sack or coin purse shape for the money
  • Glue Stick
  • Velobind to make a class book.


  • Use our free printable pattern for your hand if you do not have a die cut machine to make them.
  • Pre cut all jelly beans or candies. Die cut would work well.
  • Here is a link to a page of Free Printable Coins
  • Read some our books we found with great ratings!
  • Talk about the coins you are going to use. Practice counting coins. Hands on manipulatives work well.
  • Have each child make a page.
  • Work in small groups, or have a parent helper come in. Check before allowing them to glue by having them lay the coins to glue on the hand.
  • Bind all the pages into a class book

Tips and Suggestions

  • You could always use stars or other small shapes to represent candy instead of jelly beans..

Page Ideas

Page Ideas for the  Counting Money Book
Page Ideas for the counting money book.