Plaster of Paris Crafts

Seashell Craft

Make a Pretty Seashell Wall Hanging or Display with Plaster of Paris and seashells. This is an activity even younger toddlers can enjoy. You can buy seashells at Dollar Stores or at craft supply stores. It would also be a great way to create a memento from a special vacation or trip to the beach. You could even add other items from you trip to your wall hanging to commemorate the trip or special occasion. We like using the DAP brand of Plaster of Paris in white that comes in a handy tub. Just scoop out what you need and reclose. Make sure to select white for best results.


  • Paper Plate
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Various Shells
  • Light, sheer colored acrylic paint like Ceramcoat
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbon for Hanging

Other Items

  • Measuring cup
  • Plastic container for mixing
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Scissors


  • Line the table you are working with newspaper or plastic covering. Select your shells and arrange in a pattern to plan where you want them.
  • Have your plate ready and if you plan to use ribbon to hang, place ribbon on plate in a loop. We used about 10" so that a couple inches will be secured in the plaster.
  • Have everything ready before you mix the plaster because it hardens pretty quickly. Mix plaster as directed so that you have about a cup of mixed plaster.
  • Pour plaster onto plate (pours like pancake mix)into a rough circular shape.
  • Gently press shells into plaster, keeping tops showing. Vary depth for interest or turn a couple shells over.
  • If you have other items you plan to add, this is the time to press them into the plaster as well.
  • Let plaster dry for a few hours or as directed on package and brush lightly with paint.
  • The best paint is one that just adds a little glitter or an iridescent paint for extra sparkle.
  • Display by hanging when dry or if without a ribbon use a small stand.

Tips and Suggestions

Adults should be the ones to mix this powder. Read all precautions on the container and refrain from breathing in the powder...maybe use a mask if you will be working with a large quantity of Plaster of Paris. Keep children away from the powder to avoid inhalation by them.

Other Ideas

Dinosaur Scene

We invited some of the girl's friends over and made these dinosaur scenes using Plaster of Paris and some fun Dinosaur figures we found at Michaels. I had some pebbles from the Dollar Tree to add to the
We used paper plates to create the platform for the dinosaurs. They decorated with our items and let it dry. They were ready when the girls were ready to go home. If it seems like it is still damp, send it home with the plate and remove it another day.

Turtle Scene

This is very similar to the seashell craft above...pour the plaster in a plate and make your turtle out of a half of a green Easter egg shell and pom pom to make your turtle. Add pebbles, shells, flowers and leaves. Dot black eyes with a sharpie. The green paint was added after the items were embedded and the project was dry.
Make a turtle scene with plaster of paris.

Penguin Scene

This is a variation of the Seashell Craft above using the plaster of paris as well. This penguin scene is a cute culminating activity for an Antartica or Penguin Unit. Click on the link above to see the full instructions and our other penguin activities.
Make a penguin scene.