Make a Color Wheel


One of my girls had an assignment to recreate the color wheel. I thought her interpretation of the color wheel was so creative. I just loved all the different items they used to make it. I thought it could be done with younger children as well to help children learn about the color wheel or even to reinforce colors identification using objects. You could simplify this activity making the color wheel with just the Primary colors for younger children.
Make a color wheel using objects.


  • Colored Yarn or string
  • Colored objects, small toys, stuffed animals, etc
  • Print or have this color chart handy.

Suggestions for items in the color wheel

  • Stuffed animals
  • Small toys: balls, cars, figurines
  • Cookie cutters and small colorful kitchen tools like spatulas
  • Beads
  • Game PIeces
  • Buttons
  • Hair clips
  • Markers, clips, other office supplies
  • small nobtebooks
  • Craft items like pom poms, felt, material, tissue or ribbon
  • hangers
  • colored clothespins

Free Printable Color Wheel

Here is a free printable color wheel that we found on All Business Templates.
Click here for Printable Color Wheel


  • Lay out your string to make your color wheel.
  • Collect your objects from around the house. Designate what color will go in each quadrant. Lay out objects in each quadrant.
  • Take a picture!

Other Activities to Help Reinforce the Color Wheel