Crayon and Mystery Object Rubbing


Crayon rubbings are fun because even children who can't quite hold a crayon can rub one on a paper. The rubbings that show up are a fun surprise. Great for all ages and an inexpensive activity that doesn;t require any special items.
Make a crayon rubbing with leaves.


  • Crayons with the paper wrapping removed.
  • Lightweight paper like newsprint
  • Interesting surfaces (leaves, coins, mesh material, flat combs)


  • Collect all your materials together: rubbings, paper, crayons.
  • Place item under newsprint or lightweight paper. Assist in keeping paper from shifting
  • Demonstrate how to hold the crayon. If this is a first time you might want your child to practice using the crayon flat on a practice sheet..
  • Let child place next object and replace paper.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Save broken crayons...these work great for this activity.
  • Light paper like newsprint works best for clearer results.

Educational Tips

  • Discuss the shapes selected by your child: discuss, color, shape and texture.

Other Ideas

  • Make it an outdoor theme and collect items like leaves, bark and flowers outside on a walk..
  • Make into a card or use as wrapping paper.
  • Frame as a gift to a loved one. Small frames in sets of 3 make a nice collage of photos.

Mystery Objects Game

Put small flat objects into a sealed envelope and let your child guess what is inside and then rub on top with a crayon to see what it is.

Things to Put Inside

Suggestions for things to put inside:
puzzle pieces
foam shapes
piece of lace or material
Envelope Rubbings