Tiny Hand Prints


This is one of my favorite toddler activities. It is such a precious memento later as they grow. They truly grow so fast...you'll be surprised just how quickly their hands and feet grow.
Making hand prints with your toddler


  • Tempera Paint
  • Brush and Paper Plate
  • white construction paper or cardstock
  • Print out poem provided below (optional)


  • Have materials ready and start painting
  • Print Handprint Poem Here
  • Let dry thoroughly before handling.
  • Glue poem where you would like

Tips and Suggestions

  • Foam brushes make it easier to apply paint to hand if child is reluctant to touch paint in plate.
  • Tape paper to table you are working on so the paper doesn't slide around
  • Less paint is better for a clearer print.
  • If child is younger than 6 months, you will likely need assistance, one to hold child in lap and one to help apply paint guide hand or foot to paper.

Baby Book Mementos

Don't forget to make a set for your first year baby book! You'd be surprised how quickly little hands and feet grow. Framed hand prints also make a nice gift for grandparents.
Hand print and foot print for baby book memories.

Educational Tips

  • Use primary colors to reinforce color identification for toddlers.
  • Make a set to post on a bulletin board or other visible place and label Left and Right
  • Make into a mini book in different color hand prints labeled right and left to practice colors and recognition of right and left hand.