Toddler Activities: Decoupage Picture Coasters


Toddler Activities: Print Your Favorite Pictures and Make Them Into Coasters


decoupage coasters using pictures
  • Mod Podge Furniture Gloss (for a stronger coat to resist moisture)

  • Foam Brushes

  • Cork Board sheets, we found a set of square tiles at Walmart similar to the ones shown below from Amazon

  • Acrylic Spray (adult use only)

  • Favorite pictures

  • Flat ceramic hot pad or flat paper weight.

Other Materials

  • Fiskars Corner Rounder (optional)

  • Line a flat cookie tray with waxed paper or parchment paper.

  • Paper cutter (Adult use only)


steps to making a decoupage coaster
  • Select your pictures. Cut to size.
  • If cork is not pre-cut, cut to the size desired. A good size is 3.5 x 3.5 inches or 4 x 4 inches for square coasters.
  • For round coasters, cut picture into square to select the portion you want. Trace coaster on the back of the picture and cut the picture picture with scissors. (Adult step)
  • Pour a generous amount of Mod Podge into a small shallow dish.
  • Brush Mod Podge onto the cork surface. Brush on enough Mod Podge so you have a thick layer not absorbed into the cork.
  • Place picture on cork.
  • Place picture side down on clean piece of waxed paper and place heavy flat object like a ceramic hot pad or paper weight on it for about 5 min. This will prevent the picture from curling and give it time to set.
  • Turn coaster over, picture side up and put a generous coat of Mod Podge on. Let dry about an hour or until picture is clear. Place 4-6 coats, dry between each one.
  • Spray with acrylic coat. Let dry add a second coat.
  • Place on top of each other when dry and tie with a ribbon for a cute presentation.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Since we cut our own cork squares, we put some Mod Podge on the edges to help seal the cut edges.
  • Use pre cut cork coasters for best nicest results.
  • We bought the furniture Mod Podge because of the thicker consistency which creates thicker layers and it is water resistant. This can be found at a craft supply store. The regular Mod Podge can be found at most stores that offer a craft section like Super Walmart.
  • Note that on the bottle it says it takes 4 weeks to cure but it can be used after spraying with Acrylic Spray to seal.
  • Even though this particular Mod Podge is water resistant, keep from soaking or having pools of water on it for any length of time.