Decorating Notebooks with Foam Stickers

Decorating notebooks with foam stickers


Decorate notebooks with foam stickers. You can even find notebooks made of foam. Foam stickers come in all sizes, shapes, colors and themes. You can even find full sheets of foam with the sticky backing to make your own stickers. This is an easy make and take for birthday parties too.


  • Notebook with foam covers available at most crafts stores or Walmart in singles and packs.
  • Foam Stickers (letters, numbers, holidays, themes like animals, etc.)
  • Paint, rhinestones (optional)
  • Craft Glue for foam cut outs or for rhinestones


  • Select your notebook and theme.
  • Peel and stick the stickers selected or glue on foam cut outs.
  • Use craft glue to adhere items like rhinestones.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Decide on a theme first and talk about the stickers selected. Lay them out so your child can pick.
  • For a young toddler let them pick a set number of stickers.
  • Great as a make and take party activity. Some stores or Amazon will have stickers and notebooks in packs for better pricing.

Other Suggestions

Brush paint on stamps and press. We used Ceramcoat paint which comes in little containers in a dozen colors. Washable when wet, permanent when dry. You might do a couple test prints to see how much paint is required. Do not put too much paint.
printing on notebooks