Decoupage Letters


Decorate letters with fabric, sequins and glitter.
Decoupage Initials with Fabric or Paper


  • Kraft Letter Ornaments from Paper Source or Wooden Letters from Craft Stores like Michaels
  • Craft Glue or Mod Podge Gloss
  • Small colorful squares of fabric. You can find small swatches at WalMart or save old kids clothes.
  • Sequins, glitter, rhinestones, buttons, etc.

Other Materials

  • Newspaper to work on
  • Art smock or old t-shirt


  • Cut pieces of fabric into one inch squares.
  • Glue pieces of fabric to cover entire letter.
  • Use Craft glue to add sequins and glitter, rhinestones and other small decor.
  • Let dry.
  • You could do their entire name if desired
  • Display on dresser, or hang on door.

Educational Tips

  • Have your child find the beginning letter in their name at the store.
  • For older toddlers you might do their entire name.