Decoupage Frames


Decoupage a frame with colored tissue and has cute stick on items. Easy for any age. Frames can be bought at most craft supply stores. This would make a nice make and take for a birthday activity.

Decoupage Frames for artwork or pictures


  • 1 frame (Michaels and Dollar Tree have wooden frames.
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scrapbook embellishments: stickers, foam stickers, buttons, etc.
  • Mod Podge (Matte) or Elmer's Glue and water mixture in a 3:1 (glue/water) ratio
  • Photos or hand drawn pictures
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper or paper to cover table to work on


  • Paint the front of the frame with Matte Mod Podge.
  • Lay a piece of tissue on the top.
  • Cut a small square out from the center and press down the tissue to cover the inside of the picture frame's inside edges.
  • Patch any places where the frame is showing with some tissue.
  • Brush the top with Mod Podge
  • Let dry for about 45 minutes.
  • Paint the sides and edge of back with Mod Podge
  • Press tissue over the edges and on back.
  • Let dry for 45 minutes.
  • Trim excess tissue
  • Add embellishments like stickers, glitter glue, or glue on small objects like buttons.
  • Add photo or small drawn picture by attaching to the back of the frame.

Tips and Suggestions

  • The girls drew pictures on small squares with oil pastels and selected one to add to the frame.
  • Add a poem or message or photo and this can make a cute Mother's Day picture for children to make and take home.
  • We found colored tissue packs at the Dollar Tree.

For Younger Children

  • Use cut squares of tissue about 1-2 inches square or you could tear pieces for a different look.
  • This will make it easier to cover and won't tear like a large piece of tissue can.

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