Decorate a Piggy Bank


Decorate a piggy bank and introduce the concept of saving and learn about money.

Decorate a Piggy Bank


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brush and Paper Plate or plastic palate for paint
  • Ceramic piggy bank (you can find these at craft stores like Michael's in various sizes. There are pigs and other animals as well. Amazon is another source you can find piggy banks to paint like the one shown on the right.
  • Newspaper to work on.


  • Have materials ready and start painting.
  • Let dry thoroughly before handling.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Have several small cups of water handy to rinse brushes.
  • Wear an old t-shirt or smock. Acrylic is harder to get out of clothes and likely to leave a stain.
  • Use other items to embellish the piggy bank like bows, button, felt, etc.

Educational Ideas

Use play money to introduce different coin values.
We bought this cash register to help reinforce money concepts...we even use it for Garage Sales and let the girls handle the sales now.
For younger children, use buttons or tokens to earn special rewards. For example in potty training, if you opt to do a reward program, you can reward with tokens and use the piggy bank to collect them to earn small items.