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Toddler Recipes: Kid Recipes for Fun, Holidays and Parties

Welcome to Toddler Recipes!
Toddler recipes are a great way to have fun with your child. Not only are you engaging in something that almost any child will enjoy, but you are introducing many Math concepts that will occur naturally.

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Educational Benefits

Children learn in various ways like seeing, hearing or experiencing things first hand. In other words, some children are better able to remember things by hearing, others by seeing and othere are able to remember best by doing. Most children will have one particular method of learning that stands out. Why is this important? Research has shown that children will perform better in school and in tests if they are taught in the manner that is their strength.

It may be difficult to determine which type of learner your child is at this early age however by introducing activities such as "cooking", you are addressing all types of learning. You may also begub notice a pattern that will help you to recognize which is your toddler's strength. So enjoy our toddler recipes activities with your child and watch them learn.

Concepts Gained from Engaging in Recipe Activities with your Toddler

  • Reinforces Math Concepts such as quantity (how many cups of milk or flour, or number of eggs, how many cookies?
  • Introduces Measurement (how much is a cup, a teaspoon?)
  • Helps to Develop Sequencing Skills...which step comes first, second, or third.
  • Introducing Reading Readiness Skills (Read from top to bottom, left to right)
  • Demonstrating why learning to read is valuable and fun.
  • Useful Items to Have On Hand

  • Plastic measuring cups, and measuring spoons.
  • Wooden mixing spoons, some have short handles which make it easier to mix with

  • Clear bowls so ingredients are visible throughout activity.
  • Small rolling pins for children
  • Mimi the Sardine Eco-Friendly Cats 'n' Dogs Child's Apron Colorful aprons that are easy to wipe down expecially made for children helping in the kitchen.
  • Make sure you have the Recipe printed out or handwritten in large legible letters. Even if your child isn't reading yet, show them which step you are on. Point to each word as you read. It's all part of the activity! You are assigning meaning to words.

  • Have an easel, bulletin board, or surface you can put up your recipe for easy viewing.
  • A must...paper towels or damp towels for clean up!
  • Bumpkins bibs make great smocks for food and craft projects.

  • Here are some Toddler Recipe Resources.

    Here is a wonderful resource for more Kids Cooking Activities
    Let Finger Food Recipes help you with some quick finger food and easy party appetizers to turn a basic party into an event to remember.

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