Magazine Collage


Make a collage with magazine clippings. Easy activity for children of all ages. My daughter did this as an activity on her own. She selected pictures that she liked from numerous magazines that we had. Some pictures have a special meaning for her and others were for fun. Some represented our pets.
Magazine collage.


  • Magazines or magazine pages
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick (bottle glue just gets really messy and puckers the magazine page)
  • Piece of card stock or cardboard.


  • Select pictures from a few magazine. We like Cooking and Garden magazines like Cooking Light and Better Homes.
  • Cut paper to the size your child can work with. You could cut to a special shape for fun or cut it to a specific shape if it is for a theme.
  • You could select pictures to create a collage with a specific theme like:
    -Favorite color or select colors like (rainbow colors)
    -Favorite Hobbies
    -Pictures that bring "Happy Thoughts"
    -Random Pictures for younger children
  • Cut or carefully tear around each picture. Tearing gives some nice "edge" effect but it will be challenging for younger children to tear without ripping the actual picture..
  • Arrange pictures on the card stock or paper that you are gluing it to.
  • With the glue stick, glue each picture one at a time and slightly overlap to cover any white spaces.
  • Fold the edges hanging over the cardboard and glue down or for curves, trim the extra magazine pieces to the edges of the shape of the card stock that the collage is glued on.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Scan through pages for child appropriate content if it is a younger child.
  • You could even take the pages out of the magazine and have them choose from your pre-selected pages to make their collage.
  • If you want to keep this for a while, you could spray lightly with shiny Acrylic Spray. This would need to be done by an adult.

Other Ideas with Magazine pictures

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This was also made with magazine pages that were torn to give a nice random edge rather than a cut edge. Here is the complete how to: Decoupage Box" You could use any box, jar or container of your choice.
Decoupage Box with magazine pieces.

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