Toddler Activities: Printing Apple Stars


Toddler Activities with Paint are a great way for a child to express him or herself and learn about shapes and colors at the same time. Printing with fruit is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

apple printing


  • Half an apple cut horizontal per color.

  • Cut the bottom of a celery bunch to create the celery flower

  • Tempera or Washable Paint

  • Two or three brushes depending on number of colors used. We like the sponge brushes.

  • White Paper (we used good quality white xerox paper)

  • Paper plates or plastic reusable palettes.

  • Paper towels


  • Select colors to be used.
  • Cut an apple horizontally and remove seeds gently with a toothpick if necessary.
  • Place your paper of a flat surface. We found that putting it on a piece of paper towel helps give a better impression.
  • Have child paint directly on apple half with a paint brush. Try to keep paint from filling the star.
  • If there is too much paint, simply press lightly on a paper towel to remove excess. Removal of excess paint will result in a more defined print.
  • Press onto paper making sure to help put some pressure on all parts of the apple for best print and to help keep it from sliding.
  • Wash apple and dry on paper towel if changing colors.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Having an apple for each color makes it easier to monitor.
  • Test to see what is enough paint...too little or too much you can lose the star shape especially if the star fills with paint. Use a Q-tip to remove excess.
  • Test apples...some will just print better! We tried different varieties to see if that made a difference. The Red Delicious printed the best although the Granny Smith had the largest most defined star. Let us know if you find any preferences please.
  • Guide students/children if you are overlapping so you don't lose the stars.

Other Ideas

Celery Prints

Use other types of fruit like oranges. Or cut apple into small pieces to add some detail around the printed apple stars. Print on construction paper, fold and make a card.

Textured Prints

We accidentally found another interesting thing to try...we put a textured place mat under the paper and ended up with textured prints!

Apple Book

Visit an Apple Orchard and Make Your Own Book

Educational Tips

  • Toddler activities involving paint are a great hands on experience. It helps develop fine motor skills as well as leads to many concepts like colors and numbers.
  • Ask your child which color he/she wants to use.
  • See if your child can "predict" what shape they will print. I thought they would say circle but they noticed the star right away.
  • Count the number of stamped shapes or the number of colors used.