Tape Art


This activity can be done with a range of ages. For younger children, just do first initial and older children can do three. This initial art project creates a eye catching creation reinforcing initial recognition as well as colors and using different types of media. Using painter's tape which peels off easily, starts the foundation for this project. Adding black tempera finishes this multi-media picture. Great for all ages.


  • Construction paper

  • Painters Tape

  • Water Colors

  • Black Tempera

  • Eye dropper or small spoon for black tempera

  • Straws (1 per child)


  • Using painters tape, make the initials on the construction paper.
  • Using water color, fill all the white areas with paint. Let dry.
  • When dry drop a small amount of black tempera paint in areas and using a straw, blow the paint into designs.
  • Let dry. Carefully remove the painter's tape.

Tips and Suggestions

  • If you are working with very young children, you might work with just a couple students at a time.
  • Have children write their initials on a paper first if they are young so they can make the letters easier. Or use wooden or foam letters for a more hands on approach.
  • For preschool just do the first initial and Kindergarten the first and last. First and Second grade can do 3 initials without difficulty.

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