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Toddler Activities: Christmas Crafts

Looking for some Kids Christmas Crafts?

Christmas is December 25th. Here is a summary of fun toddler activities you can find at Teaching Tiny Tots to help celebrate Christmas. Most activities require less than 5 different supplies and many are inexpensive and easy to obtain. The crafts are simple enough that it can be easily done either at home with your children or as a classroom activity.

mini peppermint tree Peppermint Candy Tree
Cute Candy tree makes a pretty holiday centerpiece.

beeswax candle Christmas Candles
Easy kids craft for Christmas!

thumbnail Christmas topiary Christmas Topiary
Pretty gift or decoration for Christmas. A project that can be tailored to any holiday or occasion.

thumbnail candy cane hearts Candy Cane Hearts
Hang these candy cane hearts on the Christmas tree!

thumbnail candy cane reindeer Candy Cane Reindeers
A classic candy cane idea...candy cane reindeers!

thumbnail cocoa cone Hot Cocoa "Ice Cream" Cones
A great gift or stocking stuffer.

thumbnail-gingerbread-house Easy Gingerbread House
An easy gingerbread house with graham crackers that makes a great individual or group activity. This was made with a small group of 3 years olds with some assistance.

thumbnail-gingerbread-ornament Gingerbread Ornaments
Gingergerbread ornaments are a delightful activity to do with young toddlers. It is easy to work with and has a wonderful smell that will last for many years to come.

thumbnail-gingerbread-ornament Gingerbread Gift Ties and Cookie Cutter Ornaments
Make mini gingerbread cut outs and use them as scented gift ties and ornaments.

thumbnail handprint wreath Handprint Wreath
Handprints are always wonderful momentos. This is one that can be hung or displayed for many years.

thumbnail potpourri Holiday Potpourri
Holiday potpourri makes a nice colorful centerpiece. You will receive many compliments especially when you mention you and your child made it

thumbnail plaster of paris ornament Plaster or Paris Star Ornaments
Using silicone molds, make these Christmas Ornaments.

thumbnail-stained-glass Stained Glass
This is truly a stunning project when finished. With a black glossy background the colors really stand out and make a beautiful picture. You can simplify the picture or make it more detailed for the age group you are working with.

thumbnail gingerbread ornament Christmas Decorations
Make Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree or give as a gift!

thumbnail salt dough stars Christmas Star Decorations
Make Christmas Stars to decorate trees, windows or presents.

thumbnail salt dough cottage Christmas Decorations: Cottages
Christmas Cottages make perfect Christmas ornaments or a wonderful Christmas gift to someone special.

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