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Toddler Recipes: A Preview of Our Easy Yummy Recipes

A Preview of our Yummy Toddler Recipes
Looking for a fun activity with your toddler? How about making something yummy to eat.

blueberry pie Blueberry Pie With Stars
Fresh blueberries make this an outstanding pie and the stars make it a spectacular looking dessert.

thumbnail broken glass jello stars Broken Glass or Stained Glass Jello Stars
now as broken glass or stained glass jello, cut with cookie cutters to make this a festive dessert.

thumbnail no bake cheesecake No Bake Star Cheesecake
Create this simple cheesecake that has such a pretty presentation. Your child will enjoy helping make this one!

thumbnail dirt cake Dirt Cake
Have fun with this yummy kids recipe. Make a dirt cake with gummy worms.

thumbnail chocolate strawberries Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Yummy Strawberries dipped in your favorite chocolate....drizzle with white chocolate and make fun patterns.

thumbnail haystacks Reese's Haystacks
A sweet no bake treat!

thumbnail big chocolate chip cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies
Love chocolate chip cookies? We tried firve recipes and here is the winner!

thumbnail double chocolate chip cookies Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
A chocolate lovers cookie! Easy to make and delicious.

thumbnail berry milkshake Berry Easy Milk Shake

An easy and delicious berry milkshake with milk and fresh might say it is "berrylicious".
thumbnail strawberry milkshake Strawberry Milk Shake
Make a fresh strawberry smoothie or milkshake with berries, milk and ice cream.

thumbnail creamy pops Strawberry and Yogurt Popsicles
Make a healthy treat for your toddler, creamy pops made with fresh strawberries and yogurt.

thumbnail berry dip Berry Yummy Dip
A refreshing and easy to make dip.

thumbnail cream cheese fruit dip Cream Cheese Fruit Dip
An easy and tasty dip for fruit.

thumbnail chocolate strawberries Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Easy and fun to make.

thumbnail m and m pretzel turtles Chocolate Turtles with M and M's
Make many variations with this recipe to suit a special occasion or holiday.

thumbnail easy smores Easy Smores
Easy treat to make that your toddler will love. Make ahead of time or enjoy warm.

thumbnail fabulous fruit salad Fabulous Fruit Salad
A refreshing treat your toddler love to make and eat.

thumbnail heath trifle cake Heath Trifle Cake
All chocolate lovers...this is for you!

thumbnail fudge bar Hot Chocolate Fudge Bar
Turn an ice cream sandwich into a fancy dessert.

thumbnail icecream Ice Cream Ice Cream
Without a machine, just a lot of shaking and a few can make your own Ice Cream.
thumbnail making butter Making Butter Shake, shake shake and make your own butter. Watch it turn from liquid to solid. Spread on crackers or bread. Yum! Free printable mini-book and recipe.

thumbnail pumpkin bread Pumpkin Bread Pumpkin bread is yummy year round...make mini muffins, large muffins or loaves. Drizzle with a little melted butter and sugar mixed and it's simply delicious!

thumbnail rice-krispie-cookies Rice Krispie Cookies Delicious rice krispie cookies...your toddler will have fun dropping them in the krispies!

thumbnail muffin pizza Toaster Oven Pizza Have a finicky eater? Have your toddler make their own muffin or bagel pizza and watch them enjoy eating it!

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