Toddler Books:  Our Favorite Soft Books, Board Books and Picture Books

Favorite Toddler Books

reading soft books as an infant
Here are some of our favorite books. We have included book suggestions for infants, toddlers and young children. We started with soft books as infants and then board books as toddlers. Starting early is the key to reading success!

Rather than just a compiling a list, I felt by hand picking our favorites, we could highlight these in our Amazon Store. We included selections that we felt were great stories or had educational benefits. Amazon provides a great tool to find out what each book is about as well as providing reviews from other parents. Researching products on Amazon provides a good basis of comparison for prices when considering other purchasing options such as eBay and Book Stores. We also found a lot of our books at Rosses Dress for Less and Marshalls. If you have one in the area, it's worth checking out!