Product Reviews

Would you like to promote a innovative or useful product for parents, teachers or children?

Items We Will Review

We are looking for high quality products that are for parents, educators and children that may include books, handmade items, unique toys, baby products, and other child related items.

How will I know if my submission has been selected?

We will notify you within 10 days and provide you with an address where you can send your sample or product. We will inform you when your product or service will be featured. Please note that submission does not guarantee a review, but we do promise to evaluate products thoroughly and fairly.

Please note: Samples will not be returned. Extra samples may be considered for a giveaway if accepted for review.

How do I Submit a Request for a Review

Please submit the following information using the contact form below at the bottom of the page.
  • Link to a family-friendly website
  • A photo of your product
  • Describe what it is and what the features are.
  • Pricing details (Cost of item, discounts or where it can be purchased)

Promotional Giveaway

If you would like Teaching Tiny Tots to host a Giveaway for you, please contact us with the relevant information.
Please note that all items will be reviewed for suitability and relevance to our readers. Items submitted for review are subject to meet our standards for quality and safety.

Where Will Our Item Be Featured?

We will post our review on our Blog. We will include high quality photos and our opinion on the item. Here is an example of a review/giveaway we did for Capturing Couture. We did a review on one of their beautiful straps.