Toddler Math: A Preview of our Counting Activities


Toddler Math: Here are a selection of our counting activities from Teaching Tiny Tots!Free printable pages! Hands on activities to introduce counting, addition and subtraction. See here for more Kids Math Activities

Learning to Add

Free printable pages! Hands on activities to introduce counting, simple addition and subtraction. Great to improve fine motor skills too.
number beads to reinforce counting

Hands On Math Activities

Free printable pages for simple adding and subtracting activities. Perfect for the hands on learner beginning to add. Use lego pieces to visually show addition and subtraction.

Cheerios Math Count

Fun with Cheerios...cute inexpensive way to introduce number concepts. How much is two, three and four! For older kids, try simple addition. Free Printable page!
counting with Cheerios

Snap Cube Activities

Snap Cube Activities! Great tool to explore addition, counting and patterns. Free Printable page!
snap cubes to add and subtract

Conversation Hearts Match and Count

Simple matching, counting and graphing activity using conversation heart candy. Great classroom activity in small groups or at home with your child. Free Printable pages for matching and graphing.

FALL-ing For Math

Simple addition problems using stickers with a Fall theme! Very Cute and could be adapted to different themes or holidays. This is a wonderful class book that Kindergartners will enjoy making.
make your own math sticker addition book

Halloween Candy Sort and Count

A simple activity but one every child will enjoy. Reinforce Sorting and Counting. Or even set up candies in a patterns to be packaged!
Candy Sorting Activity

Math Numbers 0-10

Using felt, material, foam and even wrapping paper to make these colorful number pages to be hung or made into a book. Free printable number page to help you start.
making your own posters for math numbers

Touch and Feel Counting Book

Make a touch and feel counting book to help reinforce number identification as well as number concepts.
touch and feel number book

The Guessing Jar

Great for introducing number sense and fun too. Perfect for home, preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Change the object to make it interesting. A green craft as well.

Stepping Stones Number Games

Make these stepping stones and have fun with stepping stone counting games. Introduce listening skills while playing as well.
stepping stone counting games