Snap Cubes


Using Snap Cubes to help reinforce counting, addition, patterning and more for Pre-K and Kindergarten.Math manipulatives are a wonderful way to reinforce basic Math concepts. Some children are visual learners and hands on activities are one of the best ways to introduce a Math concept. One tip is before the activity, let your child or class play with the manipulatives for 3-5 minutes. This way they will be more focussed on doing the activity. Be sure to download our free printable to use with this activity!


using snap cubes to practice addition
  • Free Printable Counting Sheet

  • Snap Cubes

  • Lamination or Contact Paper

  • Cardstock

  • Addition flashcards

  • Container for math manipulative pieces. Plastic bins with covers work well.


  • Line up a few simple addition flash cards.
  • Direct the child to "build the top number" and then "build the bottom number".
  • Have them count all the cubes.
  • Once they master the process, you can practice counting on from the larger number. For instance if it is is 6 + 2. Have them say the large number six, them have them count on from six. They should say 6, 7, 8.


  • Print Teaching Tiny Tots's Counting Sheet
  • Have the child identify the number on the sheet, and show how many by lining up pieces. Start from 1 when you first begin.
  • To make it easier, line up the same color for each number.
  • When they master this, call a random number on the sheet for them to line up pieces.

These math manipulatives can be used for other Math activities as well. We have some Counting Activities that these can be used in place of counters or legos. It is also great for patterning and identifying colors for younger children with supervision due to size.