Cheerio Counting


Toddler Math: Fun Kids Activities to Reinforce Number Recognition as well as Understanding Number Sense. A simple activity to reinforce counting, recognizing numbers and number representation. Great for centers or working with children in small groups or at home with your child. Preschool or Pre-K

Learning to count with our free Cheerio Counting page.

Materials for our Cheerio Counting Activity

  • Free Printable Cheerio Counting Page
  • Sheet of construction paper or card stock/oaktag
  • Sheet protector or lamination film
  • Print Teaching Tiny Tots's # 1-25 Sheet
  • Scissors or paper cutter to cut numbers. Laminate numbers before cutting if you are keeping for future use.
  • Cheerios in a Small Container


  • Print out the Counting Page provided or draw your own on construction paper.
  • Place one number next to each of the circles.
  • Put cheerios in a small container or on a plate.
  • Place cheerios on the counting page.


Cheerio Art! Have each child make one to take home to show parents what they are working one at school.
  • Print out the Counting Page provided or draw your own.
  • Prnt number or Print Teaching Tiny Tots's # 1-25 Sheet
  • Write or glue the number beside the circle for the student.
  • Put a handful of cheerios in a small container or plate.
  • Have your child count out the cheerios he/she needs for one circle. Line the cheerios up for easier counting.
  • Place glue on the circle and glue on the cheerios.
  • Let dry.
counting cheerios

Tips and Suggestions

  • For older toddlers, you can make larger numbers as shown in the photo above.
  • If you are keeping this as a display, you might want to use thicker paper like construction.
  • Use conversation hearts for Valentines or Jelly Bellies for Easter as counters.
  • Use as an activity for a unit on the Letter "O"
  • If doing this in a classroom, Cheerios can be bought in bulk size at stores like Costco.
  • Make little packs for children to eat after the activity to help discourage eating the cheerios used in the activity itself.
  • Two books our girls loved are posted below. It might not be the best for a class but great for homeschooling.

Math Concepts

Numbers and Number Sense
  • Counting
  • Recognize (Read) Numbers
  • Represent (How many is three?)
  • Quantity (More, Less, Equal)
Graphing (Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability)
  • Data Gathering (Collecting information about objects by drawing pictures or making picture graphs)

The reason counting activities are very important is because it helps to develop the three aspects of numbers.
  • Counting in a sequence out loud: 1,2,3, etc.
  • Understanding how much is 3 and being able to show or give three items.
  • Recognizing and writing numbers.