Fourth of July Activities

Below is a selection of toddler activities from Teaching Tiny Tots that celebrate the Fourth of July. Make them for a Fourth of July party or a class activity.

Patriotic Heart Flag
Print out the heart flag pattern and using tissue make this showy heart flag to display or give as a special card.
Patriotic Heart Flag
Patriotic Star Pins
Fun star pins decorated using a Q-tip and Paintbrush.
Patriotic Foam Picture
A easy craft to celebrate Independence Day. Great for the classroom.
Patriotic Necklace
Make a patriotic necklace with pony beads. Add charms to make it personalized.
Patriotic Bookmark
Make a patriotic bookmark and decorate. Great activity for children of all ages.
Star Visors
Decorate a foam visor....perfect for an outdoor event.
Red, White and Blue Star Crayons
Cute red, white and blue crayons...use to entertain toddlers at a party or as small goodie bag items.
USA Can Hugs
Decorate a can hug so everyone can identify your drink....perfect for dad's bottled water while grilling!! :)