Valentines Card Holder


A simple design using paper plates and your student's imagination is all that's needed to make this Valentines Card Holder. Use foam shapes, stickers, markers, glitter and more to decorate. Great for collecting or displaying Valentines cards from your classmates. Easy class project and nice way to send home your students cards.
Valentine Card Holder using paper plates.


  • 2 Dixie Plates or Sturdy plain white paper plates. Styrofoam will not work because it will tear when you punch holes
  • Elmer's Glue or Craft Glue. Craft Glue will be quicker to dry and the hold stronger. We like Aleene's craft glue.
  • Foam heart Stickers or other Valentines Stickers, Markers, Glitter.
  • Glitter Glue (optional)
  • Ribbon or Yarn or Red Raffia.
  • Ruler, Scissors, Single Hole Punch


  • Cut one plate in half.
  • Glue plates by lining up edges and top side facing together. Let dry.
  • Punch holes about an inch apart on the top half of plate or around the entire plate.
  • Cut two pieces of ribbon, yarn or raffia.
  • Weave through left set of holes leaving about 4-5 inches of string at the top. Repeat on the right side.
  • Tie the two ends at the top in a bow. Leave about a couple of inches to hang your card holder.
  • Decorate by sticking on foam hearts. Add glitter glue for some sparkle. See below for more decorative suggestions.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Dixie white plates are sturdy and easy to work with. Styrofoam will likely break when punching holes and stringing with yarn. If the holes have small tears the yarn with catch in these tears.
  • For a young toddler you can use one long piece of yarn or ribbon...start on either right or left and just leave a loop at the top and continue weaving to the other side.
  • This could be a make and take project and a Valentines party and put small treats, stickers and cards to send to school in the pocket as a goody bag.
  • Decorate with
    1. paint
    2. stamps
    3. cut out pictures from Valentines cards
    4. glitter, glitter glue
    5. hearts cut out of construction paper.
    6. foam stickers
    7. markers
    8. paint pens
    9. Crayons

Valentines Card Ideas

Foam Valentines Cards

Easy for all ages...make this Foam Valentines Card Since the foam already has a sticky backing, its great for young kinds to work with and there is no need for scissors.
Foam Valentines Card

Stained glass Card

This pretty card is make with our Stained Glass Hearts