Valentines Cards out of Foam


Valentines foam cards are cute and easy to make. This was given to my girls in their pre-school class by a classmate. These also make a great make and take activity for a Valentine's party as a gift to send home to parents. There are many books you can read to introduce this activity.

foam valentine card


  • Colored Foam Sheets for the large hearts. You may find some pre-cut but if not make a stencil or use a cookie cutter and trace.

  • Foam Letters and shapes (Stick on pieces are easier to work with)

  • Sharpie pen or printed stick on labels

  • Scissors


  • Using either pre-cut hearts or stencils, cut out hearts if needed
  • Arrange stick on pieces, peel and stick or glue
  • On the back write with a fine point sharpie whom the heart is for and your child's name.
  • You can tape a lollipop or treat to the back as well (optional)

Other Ideas

  • Decorate with stickers, glitter, sequins, small letter beads, fabric or paint pens.
  • Decorate like Conversation Heart Candy. Have each child pick their favorite saying.
  • Make a class mobile or decorate your classroom door with a heart from each child


There are many Valentine's themed books that can be shared! Here are a few that are popular.