Make a Tissue Heart


Make a 3-D Tissue Heart for Valentines Day to brighten up a bulletin board, hang on a door knob, or tie onto a special valentine's gift. Using just tissue and glue and construction paper, make a decorative heart to brighten up someone's day. A good activity to help strengthen fine motor skills.
How to make a Valentine tissue heart.


  • 1 piece of construction paper or cardstock (white or red)
  • Red and white tissue paper
  • Elmer's Non-Toxic Glue)
  • Pencil with erase (can be unsharpened for safety purposes)
  • Ribbon about 6" to hang heart with.
  • Packing tape or Aleene's Craft Glue to attach ribbon securely


  • Cut tissue into 1.5" squares. It is easiest to cut squares with a paper cutter.
  • Take one of the square tissue pieces. Put a small dot of glue on the heart shape.
  • Using the pencil, place eraser in center of tissue and twist tissue a little round the eraser and press onto glue.
  • Repeat with red on the outside to complete heart.
  • Attach ribbon loop in back to hang heart with.

Tips to Make the Tissue Heart

  • If child is having difficulty with the pencil eraser method, simply have them use pointer finger to wrap tissue around and place on glue.
  • Fold tissue up and cut with a paper cutter is much quicker and easier to measure.

Other Ideas

  • Roll tissue into small balls and glue on. We have some other activities here that use this technique.
  • Use different colors or find another heart pattern online.
  • Frame in a shadow box or send as a card.
  • Discuss heart shape and show how you fold a paper in half. If child is old enough and familiar with using scissors, let them cut the heart out.

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