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Toddler Books A Preview of Ideas for Book Making

Making Toddler Books are a Wonderful Way to Foster a Love For Books

Here are some ideas for making books of your own. We have used a book binding machines but you can use a stapler and colored tape to make a pretty binding as well.

drawing books Drawing Books

Have your child draw simple illustrations of animals, nature, anything they are interested in and have them give a short sentence to go with it.

thumbnail book about colors Book About Colors

Make your own book about colors using material scraps or paint swatches.

thumbnail I am thankful for book I Am Thankful For...

Cute fold up no staples or glue book! Use this book making idea for any topic.

family photo book Family Photo Books

Using photos are a great way to capture your child's attention. Make a book of family members to help learn names.

fish shape book Fish Shape Book

Shape books can be tailored to all ages.

ocean flip book Ocean Flip Book

Flip Books are fun for kids and here is one they can make themselves!

trip photo book Trip Photo Books

Take photos from family trips and make a memory book.
Using photos are a great way to capture your child's attention. Make a book for you and your child to enjoy together.

math at home counting book Math at My House Book Great for classrooms to send home with a student to reinforce counting and doing a family assignment.

mix and match book Mix and Match Name Book Great for classrooms to get to know your students and classmates! Kindergarten or Preschool is a perfect age for this book.

pumpkin bread book Bake Some Pumpkin Bread and Make a Book

Bake some delicious pumpkin bread and then use our free printable to make a book.

touch and feel counting book Touch and Feel Counting Book

Make a touch and feel counting book to help reinforce number identification as well as number concepts.

christmas book Twas the Night Before Christmas (retold)

Another great idea for a book is to retell a favorite story. This one is a favorite of mine done in groups in a classroom.

thumbnail texture book Touch and Feel Picture Book

A favorite first book are touch and feel books. When your toddler is ready, why not make one of their own to enjoy.

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