Magnetic Letters and Animals


Magnetic toys are often enjoyed by kids of all ages. Why not get some letters and let the learning happen naturally through play? Your biggest decision is which type of letters are best suited for your child. Select magnetic items carefully as there has been instances where it can become a safety hazard when magnets are exposed and come loose. Always check for recalls and consider purchasing all magnet items new from a reputable retailer.

Magnetic easels are a great way to use magnetic letters and animals.


Letter and Name Recognition

  • Put child's name at top of board. Point and say child's name. It will help to attach meaning to the letters.
  • Tape on your childs name and have them find the letters to match

Practice Alphabetical Order

  • Line up the magnetic letters on board in alphabetical order.
  • For children still recognizing the order, tape up an desk strip or print out the alphabet.

Identifying Letters

  • Trace magnets on paper, tape to the magnetic surface and let child match the letters.

Introducing Letter Sounds

  • Find magazine pictures of single objects like a ball or cookie, something the child is familiar with and tape to the board. Then have your child find the initial letter or even spell the word with the magnetic letters next to the picture.
Learning to spell names with magnetic letters.

Magnetic Animals

These Animal Magnets have a magnet which covers the entire piece.
  • Have child find letters to spell each animal
  • Or spell and animal's name and try to match the animal
  • See here for suggestions on a Magnetic Easel which is a great item to use in conjunction with magnetic letters and animals.
Magnetic Letters and Animals