Black Cat Treats


A great way to add some fun to any party table. Make these cute Ho Ho Cats. Dress up a HoHo or a chocolate-covered cream filled cake roll and decorate with some fun Halloween candies such as mini M&M's and black licorice.


  • 1 box of HoHo's or or chocolate covered cream filled rolls
  • Mini M and M's or small candy coated chocolates.
  • Black String Licorice or Black Twizzlers
  • Chocolate Frosting or Black Icing to adhere the "eyes" and "whiskers."


  • Cut licorice pieces into one inch strips for whiskers. We used two pieces for each cat. Cut longer piece for tail.
  • Put a dab of icing and center the whiskers on cake roll. We used two pieces.
  • Place another dab of icing on center of whiskers and place mini m and m.
  • Put two dabs of icing using skewer where eyes are to be placed.
  • Place mini m and m's on icing.
  • For ears cut a triangle out of licorice twizzlers or use black gumdrops.
  • Put a dab of frosting on the base of ears and place where desired.
  • Poke with a skewer or toothpick in the back of hoho for tail. Insert licorice tail.
  • Place on plate to set until dry.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Using dark colored icing as the "glue" will make it less noticeable
  • We could not find string licorice so we bought regular black twists and cut into thin slices with a knife for the whiskers. For the ears we took the twizzler and cut each end into a triangle so that the base was flat. (adult only)
  • We found mini M and M's by the register in small round containers, not in the candy section at the grocery store although it might be easier to find during Halloween in bags.
  • Wrap in a clear goodie bags and tie for individual treats or arrange on a plate as a centerpiece.

Ho Ho Mice

You can also make Hostess Ho Ho Mice! Just use green and red gummy fruit for the ears.