Making Books with Your Children


Making books with your child is a great way to introduce reading. Your child will excited seeing pictures of him or herself and favorite family members, friends and pets that will make "picture" books one of their favorites to read.

Make a book about a family vacation, a special celebration such as a birthday or a trip to the zoo. Using a Plastic Comb Binding Machine is an easy way to bind your books. It is fast and easy to bind and makes page turning easy for children. If a page becomes loose it is easy to put back and more pages can always be added. If a page gets torn, simply cut a clean edge and punch another set of holes. It has been one of the best "Home School" investments. I have had mine for over 10 years.

Velobinding Books for Kids


  • Construction paper or Cardstock
  • Glue Stick
  • Photos
  • Docubind with Binding Combs
  • Scrapbook Scissors (optional)
  • White Stick on Labels for easy Printing of Words
  • Stickers to embellish pages.
  • Clear Contact Paper or Laminating Sheets


  • Select and print the pictures to be used.
  • With your child, arrange the pictures in order to be glued on pages.
  • Use glue stick to adhere pictures. Glue sticks work well for gluing pictures.
  • Discuss picture with your child and come up with a simple sentence or two for each.
  • Write legibly under each picture or print out labels for your book.
  • Bind or if you don't have a velo binder, staple. You can make your own spine by cutting a long thin strip of paper, folding it in half and covering the spine, then stapling.
  • If you are using pictures printed on photo paper you might want to cover them with contact paper.
  • Place all sentences under pictures to keep it uniform and easier for child to know which belongs to which picture. It's a book not a scrapbook so keep it simple.
  • Keep those extra pieces of binding combs for mini books.

Other Ideas

  • Add stickers, postcards, or other memorabilia.

Educational Tips

  • Point to the words as you read the toddler book to your child.
  • Praise your child for "reading" if they can tell you about the photo. It's all about creating an excitement and interest for books and a feeling of success at reading.