Toddler Activities: Conversation Hearts Pin


Toddler Activities: Make Cute Conversation Heart Pins using foam hearts and letter beads. A cute pin or magnet for your child to make for their teacher. Also a great Valentine's Day gift for mom...easy and inexpensive to do as a classroom project. Tailor it to other holidays with the same materials simply by changing the shape and colors of the foam to suit the holiday or occasion.

Free Printable directions: Conversation Heart Pin


conversation heart pin
  • Foam Hearts (found at most craft stores in containers or small packages. Or you can buy a sheet and cut your own hearts out.

  • Alphabet Beads

  • Bag of Conversation Candy Hearts

  • Small Container to sort through candies

  • Aleenes Non Toxic Glue or Fabric-Tac

  • Tray or Paper Plate to sort and place selected beads.

  • Pencil and Post It Notes (recommended), post its are handy because they can stick to the table or tray and helps keep children organized.

  • pins with latches
  • Glitter Glue (optional)

  • Pin Backs with Latches


  • Select your heart(s)or cut hearts out of a foam sheet.
  • Have children select their candy message and write them on a post it note.
  • Once the message is written, find the beads matching the letters.
  • Have them line up the beads in order to be placed.
  • Place glue on foam, adhere beads and let dry.
  • Embellish surface with glitter glue.
  • Glue pin or small magnet to the back.

Other Ideas

  • Glue other scrapbook embellishments to make a Heart Collage Pin.
  • Wrap Pin in tissue printed with Foam Hearts and tempera.

Make a Pin for any Holiday

Make a Shamrock Pin for St. Patrick's DayUsing a foam shamrock decorate with glitter glue, ribbon, sequins or rhinestones to make a cute pin. I printed out a shamrock and traced it on a foam sheet to make the size appropriate for a pin. If it is for an adult, using a Swarovski flatback crystal adds extra sparkle!