Halloween Lollipop Ghost


Toddler Activities using Kleenex and a lollipop...make a cute ghost! Cute lollipop favors or Halloween party decorations. Perfect for a preschool or kindergarten class activity.


classic lollipop ghost craft
  • Tootsie Roll Pops

  • 2 Kleenex tissues or other brand (thicker tissues are easier to work with)

  • 6 inch piece of white yarn

  • Pair of wiggly eyes or black marker

  • Bow (optional)

  • Elmer's Glue if using wiggly eyes

Helpful Items

  • Newspaper to work on

  • Art smock or old shirt


step 1 in making a lollipop ghostCenter Lollipop on 2 Pieces of Kleenex
  • Lay two sheets of tissue on a flat surface.

  • Place the lollipop in the center, candy side down. (See Photo)

  • Place the lollipop with the tissues into the palm of your child's hand. Help your child bunch up the tissue around the lollipop.
  • Using a piece of white yarn tie snugly around the base of the candy to form the head of your ghost.
  • Glue on wiggly eyes or use the marker to make the eyes and mouth.
  • Add a bow if desired.
step 2 in making a lollipop ghostGather up the tissue around the lollipop

Tips and Suggestions

  • I like the Tootsie Roll pops because it is larger and easier to work with although Dum Dum pops will work as well. I'd use one sheet of tissue for the smaller lollipops.
  • Easiest way to make bow is to get 1/8 inch ribbon to tie with and 1/4 inch ribbon for the bow. Form bow with the 1/4 inch decorative ribbon and tie in the middle with a double knot with a piece 1/8 inch ribbon about six inches long. Use the remainder of the ribbon to tie around the "neck" of the ghost.

Educational Tip

Talk about the middle or center of the tissue when you explain where to place the lollipop.