Toddler Activities: Five Little Pumpkins


Toddler Activities: Five Little Pumpkins, a classic Halloween poem. Learn the hand motions and make a cute project.


Five Little Pumpkins Activity
  • Black Construction paper

  • Free Printable Five Little Pumpkins Poem and hand motions to go with it.

  • Six Colored Craft Sticks or Mini Colored Craft Sticks

  • Orange Foam or Foam Pumpkin Stickers

  • Elmer's Glue or Craft Glue

  • Additional Halloween Foam Stickers (optional)

Other Materials

  • Scissors

  • Newspaper to work on

  • Art smock or old shirt


making Five Little Pumpkins Picture
  • Cut four craft sticks in half (use a sharp scissors which will make a clean cut. Break off any sharp pieces.(Adult Only)
  • Glue the vertical pieces for the fence and then one long horizontal piece on top. Craft glue will dry faster and stronger.
  • Cut out foam pumpkin shapes. Draw on faces with a black sharpie pen. Or use pre-cut foam pumpkin stickers available at most craft stores or in craft sections.
  • Glue or stick on if using stickers, five pumpkins on the fence.
  • Print out the poem and mount onto paper. Keep the bottom portion with the suggested motions for reference when teaching your child the song.
  • Let dry completely before hanging

Tips and Suggestions

  • Find some Halloween foam stickers to add more details to the picture or make your own shapes with foam. Some suggestions are bats, leaves for the pumpkins, and cats.
  • As a classroom activity, pre-cut construction paper pumpkins and have the children draw their own faces using crayon, colored pencils or markers. Show a few examples on the board and talk about different shaped eyes nose and mouths to help stimulate their imagination.
  • For preschool, make a larger version using uncut craft sticks and larger pumpkins. Write out or enlarge poem for all children to be able to view.

Educational Tips

Read a Halloween story about a pumpkin or a non fiction book about pumpkins. Have your child count the number of pumpkins and sticks to be used. For fun, give each pumpkin a name or have your child tell you a simple sentence about the pumpkin and write it for him or her on another sheet of paper.