New Years Fireworks


Make a festive picture with a "firecracker" for Chinese New Year or New Years. Simple craft for Pre School or Kindergarten.

New Years Firecracker Craft


  • 1 Sheet Black Construction Paper

  • 1 toilet paper roll

  • Confetti or Ribbon, Glitter Glue, Cut pieces of Colored Construction Paper

  • Elmers Glue


  • Cut red construction paper to fit toilet paper roll.
  • Glue in place around roll and let dry.
  • Glue to black construction paper seam side down.
  • Decorate with your choice of materials: Cut ribbon pieces, curl a few, confetti, glitter or glitter glue, cut pieces of colored construction paper, wrapping paper or tissue.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Red Raffia or red ribbon makes a nice wick.
  • Print out the words Gung Hee Fat Choy which means Happy New Year and glue onto the page.
  • Print Gung Hee Fat Choy Here

Educational Tips

Share some books about Chinese New Year with your child. For young toddlers, just discuss pictures rather than reading then entire story.

Fireworks Safety

The lighting or handling of fireworks are not safe toddler activities under any condition. Young toddlers simply don't understand the danger involved and cannot act appropriately in case of an emergency. It has become tradition to celebrate Chinese New Years, New Years and the Fourth of July with the lighting of fireworks. While fireworks can be fun and beautiful, it can easily turn into a unplanned trip to the emergency room when children and adults are injured. Even the more seemingly safe fireworks such as "sparklers," have caused severe burns and eye injuries with children.

Some Basic Safety Rules

  • Always use under adult supervision
  • Read and follow directions on the packaging
  • Never modify or try to make your own fireworks
  • Never light fireworks indoors or under a covered area
  • Never relight fireworks that appear to have gone out or don't ignite
  • light only one firework at a time
  • Small children should be viewing fireworks from a safe distance
  • Follow storage instructions if you purchase them ahead of time
  • Light fireworks facing wick away from your body and make sure you are not pointing it at another person
  • Loose hair should be tied back into a pony tail.
  • No loose clothing that can catch on fire
  • Remember sparklers are still hot even when out so put in sand and away from children