Easter Chick & Bunny


Cute Easter Animals filled with candy treats like Jellybeans and Lemon Drops.

Cute Easter Animals filled with Jellybeans and Lemon Drops

Materials for the Rabbit

  • Styrofoam Ball 2" One per bunny
  • Pipecleaners (1 white one pink)
  • 5 white small pom poms. 1 mini pink pom pom (nose)
  • Wiggle eyes

Materials for the Chick

  • Styrofoam ball 2" One per chick
  • Two mini pom poms or black beads for eyes.
  • Orange foam or felt
  • Feather

Other Materials

  • Craft Glue, Tape
  • Scissors
  • Easter Grass

Other Materials for the Candy Filled Body

  • Small Jelly Beans or Lemon Drops
  • Small clear treat bag for the body

Steps for the Bunny

  • Cut pink pipe cleaner about 1.5 inch for each ear and cut the white about 2 inches for each ear.
  • Bend the pink pipe cleaner in half and poke gently into styrofoam ball.
  • Repeat with the second pink pipe cleaner
  • Poke the white pipecleaner on one side of the pink and bend over the pink one and poke into styrofoam ball on the other side.
  • Glue on the wiggly eyes and pom pom nose.
  • Cut four pink or white pipe cleaners about an inch long. Poke into styrofoam ball near nose for whiskers.
  • To make the bunny without the candy, glue on pom pom feet and hands and tail.

Steps for the Chick

  • Paint styrofoam ball with yellow paint. Let dry.
  • Glue on mini pom pom eyes.
  • Glue on feather
  • Fold piece of foam or felt in half and cut a small triangle. When opened it should form a diamond. Glue onto styrofoam ball where the fold is.
  • If you are not adding the candy for the body, fold the foam again and cut a heart out for the feet. Glue on the bottom of the ball.

Materials for the Candy Filled Chick or Bunny

  • Clear plastic treat bag about 5" x 3". A small ziplock bag will work also if you fold the excess and tape it on the back.
  • One twist tie per bag
  • One coffee stir per bunny or chick.
  • Small Piece of Ribbon for Chick.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Press ball gently on a flat counter or surface. It will flatten the bottom making your bunny or chick able to sit.
Easter AnimalsBunny and Chick Without the Candy Bag

Steps to Attach Candy Filled Bag

  • Make the styrofoam bunny and chick as directed above without glued the feet as they will go on the bottom of the treat bag.
  • Fill treat bag about 3/4 of the way and put the twist tie on with the ends facing what will be the back of your treat bag.
  • Fold back the excess plastic bag at the top and secure with a piece of tape.
  • Poke the coffee stir into the styrofoam ball where the "neck" will be. If it is difficult to make a hole, use a toothpick to make the hole and then insert the coffee stir. Trim the coffee stir to make it shorter. ( I opted for coffee stirs since it is not as sharp as a toothpick)
  • Tape stir to the back of the filled treat bag. Now you have a head and body.


  • The pom pom paws glued onto the styrofoam should hide the twist tie. If you prefer, add a small bow. Secure with a dab of craft glue or tape.
  • Tape or glue the pom pom feet onto the bottom of the bag on each side.
  • Tape or glue the pom pom tail on the back of the treat bag.


  • Glue or tape the feet onto the bottom of the treat bag.
  • Make a bow and glue or tape over the twist tie.
  • Tape feather to the side of the treat bag.