Toddler Activities: Conversation Heart Pin


Toddler Activities: Make your very own conversation heart with plaster of paris. Add a pin back or magnet.


conversation heart pin
  • Plaster of Paris

  • Heart Plastic Candy Mold or Small Heart Silicone mold

  • Tempera or Acrylic Paint

  • Q-tips or Toothpicks to add designs

  • Small Stamps and Ink Pad

  • Glitter Glue (optional)

  • Box of Conversation Hearts Candy

  • Pin Back with Latch or magnet

  • Craft Glue such as Fabric-Tac

  • Acrylic Stray (optional)

Other Materials

  • Container to mix plaster and spoon.

  • Small piece of sandpaper (very fine grade)to sand edges


  • Mix plaster in container with spoon according to directions. Due to the fine powder this should be done by an adult.
  • Fill heart mold with plaster. Make it level using plastic knife and tap mold gently on surface to eliminate bubbles.
  • Let dry about an hour or according to directions, and pop out of the mold.
  • Let dry completely and sand any rough edges gently.
  • Paint and let dry.
  • Decorate with stamps, q-tips and paint or glitter glue. (see photos)
  • For extra gloss, spray with an acrylic spray in a well ventilated area
  • Glue pin or magnet to the back.
conversation heart pin and magnet

Decoration Ideas

  • PAINT A SOLID COLOR: For young toddlers, paint a solid color and adult spray with acrylic spray to make it shiny.
  • WRITE A MESSAGE: Write out on post it notes or have a box of Conversation Hearts handy and have your child select one or make up one. Write using a skewer with paint
  • STAMP A MESSAGE: The top picture is messages using mini alphabet stamps I found for a $1.00 at Michaels. The girls found the letters, lined them up and I helped guide where to stamp. Don't worry about even letters, the actual candy sayings are not perfectly lined up either!
  • ADD GLITZ: Put a dab of glitter glue on surface and spread with paint brush.
  • MAKE DESIGNS: Use a Q-tip, coffee stir or flat toothpick to make spots or stripes.