Colorful Flowers to Welcome Spring or Celebrate Mother's Day


Here is a cute Mother's Day gift idea or Spring activity for kids. Use washable markers, water colors or Easter Egg Dyes to create these unique flowers.

Coffee Filter Flowers


  • Coffee filters

  • Washable Markers and Water Spritzer (water colors or Easter Dyes are other coloring options)

  • Clear Tape (packing tape works well because it holds a little stronger)

  • Pencil (colored or printed ones can be found at Dollar Tree)

  • Ribbon or small vase

Other Useful Materials

  • Newspaper to cover work area and paper towels

  • Cookie Trays or Tin foil trays from the Dollar Tree are useful to work in especially if it is a group of children doing the project.

  • Cover your work area with newspaper.

  • Washable Markers are the easiest to use. Simply color the filter and spritz with water

  • Water Colors are also easy. Simply paint the coasters. Spritzing with water will blend the colors more
  • We used left over Easter dye but I also have bought extra kits for cheap after Easter for art projects. Make dye as you would for dyeing Easter Eggs. Follow directions on package.

  • Let dry on newspaper

colorful coffee filters
  • When dry, fold a coffee filter in half, fold again. Repeat two or three times depending on how many petals you want and how wide.

  • Cut a curved shape on the wider end of the folded filter. Cutting deeper on the sides creates longer petals.

making coffee filter flowers
  • Cut 3 filters and open each filter. Lay filters on top of each other so that the center is lined up. Fold all three together in half and once again into fourths. Snip off the point a very tiny bit(this should be the center of all three filters)

  • Open all filters and slide pencil through the hole until the last 1/2 inch.

making coffee filter flowers
  • Bunch up the filters and secure with tape.

  • Open filters petals and arrange.



Use Chenille stems in place of pencils.

Educational Note

Mother's Day is relatively modern, and has been celebrated from about the start of the 20th century. In countries other than the United States, mother's day is also celebrated however, it may be on a different day because of the different origins. In the UK it is called Mothering Sunday and some countries refer to is as International Women's Day.