Toddler Activities: Candy Cane Hearts


Toddler Activities: Candy cane hearts are perfect for Christmas Decorations on the tree, to tie on a present, or hand out to classmates!


  • Two Candy Canes (individually wrapped)

  • Non Toxic Glue like Elmer's White School Glue or a non-toxic craft glue

  • Ribbon to make the bow

  • Waxed paper and flat surface to work on

  • Paper and pencil


  • Draw a heart as close to the size of the one you will form with the candy canes on a sheet of paper.
  • Lay the waxed paper on top of the drawn heart
  • Let your child lay the two candy canes on the waxed paper to form the heart.
  • Glue the top and the bottom of the two candy canes together.
  • Let dry thoroughly on the waxed paper for easy removal.
candy cane heart ornament
  • Make a bow with ribbon and leave ribbon long enough to form a loop to either tie to a present or hang from a tree.
  • If giving this as a small gift, make a small card and punch a hole in the corner and string it onto the ribbon before tying.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Explain to children to be gentle with the canes or they will break! Have a couple extra on hand.
  • If it is for a large group of children, work in groups of four and five at a time. Xerox the heart on however number of copies you need and have their names on each paper
  • Pre made bows are another option to making each one.