Toddler Activities: Handmade Christmas Candles


Toddler Activities: Simple gift that requires only two items to make and a ribbon to tie. Easy classroom activity and great gift for parents.

Rolled Beeswax Candles


  • 1 sheet of beeswax

  • 1 wick

Other Materials

  • Raffia or ribbon

  • Small Gift Tag


Place wick on sheet of beeswax
  • Place wick at the bottom of a sheet of beeswax and gently press to hold in place.

Roll the beeswax tightly
  • Roll edge of beeswax to cover wick. Work by gently pinching and rolling from one end to the other. (Adult help necessary for younger child)
  • Once wick is covered, start again and roll beeswax from one end to the other working slowly to keep it rolled tight.
  • Trim wick to one inch if necessary.
  • Tie a couple with raffia in the center and string a gift tag on one strand and tie in a bow.

Where to Buy

For small groups, Amazon is probably one of the better options for colors and prices. For large groups such as when our girls did the project, they bought directly from a company selling sheets of beeswax in bulk.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Great activity from about three and up. Younger kids will require help especially with the first couple rolls. It gets easier as you continue rolling.
  • Try to keep the rolls tight.