Button Flowers 


Create a sweet button flower bouquet for someone special or make it as a decor.
Make a button flower bouquet.


  • Floral Stem Wire 20 gauge (comes in silver, green and white)
  • Buttons of various colors and shapes.
  • Wire or jewelry cutters

Other Materials

  • Small tray or blanket to lay out buttons on
  • Green Floral Stem Wrap tape if you can only find silver or white wire


  • Bend the wire about 6 -7 inches.
  • Select the buttons for the flower that will be on the top. Line up the buttons in order by size (smallest to largest).
  • Slide the smallest button onto the longer part of the wire and then slide it onto the other side of the wire. If the button has four holes, string the wire through diagonal hole to center the button.
how to string buttons on the floral wire to make button flowers.
  • Twist the wire under the flower tightly. You can tighten it further after you string the second set of buttons.
  • String the second set of buttons onto the wire and twist under the buttons to secure.
  • Holding onto the first set of buttons you can twist the wire a little more to make it "tighter".
  • Secure as many sets of buttons as you wish. We did two or three sets per wire.
  • Trim the end of the wire with wire cutters or jewelry plier.
  • Wrap wire with florist tape if desired.
  • Place in small vase and bend to arrange "flowers"

Tips and Suggestions

  • The girls picked all the buttons, lined them up and strung them on the wire while I held it steady and in a way that the end would not poke them as they strung it onto the second wire. An adult will need to do the twisting of the wire and trimming the end. If you choose to wrap with florist tape, that will also require adult assistance. Note: The picture above is without the florist tape.
Place them in jar filled with buttons, glass or rock pebbles or in a marbelized decoupage jar like below to display.
Button Flowers in a jar

Other Ideas

Sorting buttons with children.

Sorting Buttons by Size and Color.

Great toddler activity for introducing a few Math Concepts in a fun way. The girls loved sorting through the buttons and one of my daughters actually sorted about 2,000 buttons into bags by size. (small, medium and large)

Math Concepts

Numbers and Number Sense

  • Counting: Count how many buttons for each flower.

Patterns, Sorting and Classifying (Algebra and Functions)

  • Sorting Objects by Attribute (color, size or shape) Sort buttons by color in muffin tins prior to selecting for activity.
  • Comparing Objects (color, size, shape) Discuss the colors or shapes of the different buttons.