Personalize a Jar of Barbecue Sauce and Baster for Dad


A cute simple idea for Father's Day. We found this idea from Martha Stewarts site and decided to make it with a couple variations. Buy your family's favorite barbecue sauce, make your own, or doctor up an original bottle favorite. Tie a decorated baster to complete the gift.
Personalize Dad's favorite barbecue sauce for a Father's Day gift with cute painted baster.


  • 1 Jar for Sauce (mason jar or one that sauce came in before.
  • Wooden Basting Brush
  • Print or draw a label for the BBQ sauce jar
  • Acrylic Paint or Paint Markers
  • Brushes, Q-tips, Stamps
  • Acrylic Spray(adult step only)

Other Materials

  • Ribbon or Raffia
  • Masking Tape
  • Tape

Steps for BBQ Sauce Jar

  • Select dad's favorite BBQ sauce or make one from scratch. We sometimes add to an original sauce according to our tastes. If you make your own, a mason jar is a great jar to put it in.
  • Print label of choice or draw one of your own and tape to bottle. There are many free sites where you can print a label. Use clear packing tape to secure and protect the label from any water which will smear the ink.
  • Steps for Decorating the Basting Brush

  • Use masking tape to cover the metal part of the brush.
  • Paint two coats of a base color like white, letting dry between coats.
  • When completely dry, stamp patterns, draw with paint pens or use Q-tips to make patterns on the brush.
  • Let dry and spray with acrylic spray to seal. (Adult step)

Make Your Sauce Stand Out

Doctor up your favorite BBQ Sauce

We add honey to any of our favorite original barbecue sauces listed below. You can find most in the grocery stores but availability will be affected by location. Our absolute favorite was the Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce but we found it while we were in the South. Now I have to order online which is a bit more expensive so we often go with Sweet Baby Ray's. Our girls like it sweet so I add quite a bit of honey in a 1:3 ration of honey to sauce. You will have to experiment to get the taste you like. Other choices are to add maple syrup, a little garlic powder or cayenne to taste.

Fourth of July BBQ Sauce

Make your own sauce and paint a few basters to match the festivities! We used a star stamp on the white painted baster.
Fourth of July BBq Sauce.